Is that a euphemism?

So that’s what Republicans call it — brainstorming! I would have thought it involved a much lower part of the body:

news pubic

Thanks to Yahoo! News‘ “The Ticket” for explaining what the GOP was doing after the 2012 erection election.


6 Responses to “Is that a euphemism?”

  1. change it up editing Says:

    Your comments make this post!

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    And the Democrats are brilliant? It would take several pages to detail Obama’s gaffes (and outright lies) and Biden’s (but we give him the benefit of the doubt, as we would any of the less fortunate).

  3. lectorconstans Says:

    Ak-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k!!! I had to read that several times before I saw it. (A good example of the brain filling in the gaps and correcting (not always accurately).)

    My apologies for being caught in a particularly thin-skinned moment.

    I admire your diligence and determination fro reading through that whole article.

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