Try the Reese Witherspoon Sobriety Club

If you’ve never woken up after a night of partying and repeated yourself, writing the same paragraph (or nearly the same paragraph) twice, congratulations!

dupe shine

The writer for Yahoo! Shine will now go collect her membership card to the Reese Witherspoon Sobriety Club.


2 Responses to “Try the Reese Witherspoon Sobriety Club”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Maybe the paragraph should have been marked “Chorus”. Or maybe they writer thought “no, that’s not right” and wrote it again, without deleting the first..

    Now I’m uncertain: is “woke up” different from “woken up” in that sentence? A simpler version would be “If you never woke up…..”?

    PS: Both my browsers (Chrome and IE) have a terrible time with .png images. On the Yahoo! site, it’s a jpg.

  2. Old Man Says:

    ZZMike, I had the same problem. Clearing the cache resolved the issue.

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