So few words, so many mistakes

Rarely do you see a feat like this — even on Yahoo!. With just a word or two, the writer for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” manages to make at least three mistakes:

both for he sports pr

Let us consider the use of the word both, which is half of the correlative conjunction pair both…and. It can only be used to join two items — not three. Then consider the use of the pronoun he, which should be him, the objective case of the pronoun. And finally, consider the location of the word for: It belongs before the word both, except that both doesn’t belong in that sentence at all. Now I’m really confused.

3 Responses to “So few words, so many mistakes”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Even my favorite blue pencil wasn’t enough to fix that wreck of a sentence.

    One possible rewrite would be “…, for [in the sense of “because”] he, his school, and the sense of friendship festered when high school sports do not work as they should”. (In that version, he moves from object to subject.) ( Maybe there should be a comma after “friendship” in my version.)

    On the other hand, I don’t really expect a high level of erudition from sports writers.

    • Laura Says:

      Now that I’ve reread that sentence, I can appreciate that it sucks much worse than I initially thought.

      There actually have been some great writers who just happen to write about sports. They just don’t work for Yahoo!.

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