Would that be the 1920s?

Keeping up with the times and spotting fashion trends? That’s not exactly what the editors at Yahoo! Shine are doing right now. They’re nearly a century late with advice on how to dress for work in the 1920s:

20s shine

That’s pretty much the dumbest use of an apostrophe that I’ve ever seen. The apostrophe indicates the omission of a letter (or two) or a digit (or two). In this case, I’m guessing the only thing missing here is the writer’s knowledge of punctuation.


7 Responses to “Would that be the 1920s?”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Wow. The lady in that picture looks fantastic for her age. She must be at least 113 years old.

  2. ZZMike Says:

    “How to dress for your hundred-and-20s”?

    As for the 1920s, I’ll just watch “The Great Gatsby”.

    When it comes to the discount theater.

    • Laura Says:

      Hadn’t thought of that, but I guess it could indicate a missing digit signifying age. Can’t imagine there are lots of ladies out their wondering how to dress in their 120s, though.

  3. Old Man Says:

    Maybe they meant the 2020s. Ever think of that? Huh?

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