It’s Tobey Maguire and Quai Laubeuf

At least it should be Tobey Maguire and Quai Laubeuf in this photo caption from Yahoo! Movies:

name tobey mcguire

Apparently the ability to spell — or even do a Google search — is not a requirement at Yahoo!. 


4 Responses to “It’s Tobey Maguire and Quai Laubeuf”

  1. mccrazydailylessons Says:

    I just love your blog!! I know I probably make mistakes ALL the time, but I feel like I have the basics down. Things such as their and there. It’s just funny to see these picked out and corrected. LOVE it!

  2. ZZMike Says:

    At least they took the trouble to tell us that the Cannes Film Festival is in Cannes,

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