What food do you get from a 3D foot printer?

NASA has awarded a grant to a company to produce a 3D food printer. Or at least that’s what I think this article from Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” claims. I’m a bit unsure because the writer seems to be having trouble with English. He thinks algae is a proper noun, doesn’t know the plural of leaf (hint: it’s leaves), and uses the pronoun who to refer to a company:

3d foot 1

So, after reading that one sentence with three errors, I’m a little skeptical of anything this guy writes.  Which brings me to the issue of a certain 3D foot printer, mentioned here:

3d foot 2

and again here:

3d foot 3

Is that the same as the food printer? Just what kind of food would a 3D foot printer produce? Filet of sole? Corn?


2 Responses to “What food do you get from a 3D foot printer?”

  1. freedomactionnow Says:

    The writer is obviously stuck in deep thought about carbon footprints.

    However, this is old news. They’ve had them for a long time on Star Fleet ships.

    (All one has to do is look at the lead photo in the story, and its caption, to see that this idea is not quite ready for prime time.)

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