Senior citizen files sues

Can’t you imagine what went through the Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” writer’s head when trying to come up with a headline? “Should I say ‘senior citizen files suit’ or ‘senior citizen sues’? Oh, crap, I’ll use ’em both”:

soccer sports pr 1

Any writer who thinks that’s OK would probably also think passersby was two words:

soccer sports pr 2

and that the possessive pronoun its requires an apostrophe:

soccer sports pr 3


2 Responses to “Senior citizen files sues”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Make it stop!

    That headline is so ugly its own mother won’t look at it.

    • Laura Says:

      After writing that headline, there was no reason to write the article. The headline is the whole story, ugly though it may be.

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