At least they spelled Hillary Clinton correctly

There’s not much to positive to say about this article on Yahoo! Shine. But I give the writer props for spelling Hillary Clinton’s name correctly. But I gotta take off points for the expression “in that time” when it doesn’t refer to an actual time period. (The writer meant “since that time.”)

hc twit 1

Any professional writer should know that the idiom is not “baited breath,” unless it involves earthworms. The idiom is “bated breath,” meaning “reduced or lessened breath” or a state of almost stopping breathing as a result of a strong emotion like fear.

No shots to the head here, and no headshots, which is what the writer meant:

hc twit 2

I don’t believe it was Ms. Clinton’s BlackBerry that went viral, but a picture of her with a BlackBerry.

Twitter followers are usually of the human type:

hc twit 3

Don’t you wonder if someone has people followers, what other kind of followers they also have? I know I do.


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