A waste of space

Does cinching in the waste involve a Glad trash bag and a twist tie?

waste shine

Sometimes I think Yahoo! Shine is a waste of space and reading it is a waste of time.


2 Responses to “A waste of space”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    It is, however (as the Mikado said), a source of innocent merriment. Perhaps their pages illustrate the concept “vast wasteland”.

    It’s also a cinch that the worshipful Yahoo! scriveners sometimes wax euphoric over their truly amazing command of English – which is probably not even their native tongue.

    I did balk at “peplum” (not being on intimate terms with the fashion industry). I discovered that it refers to a genre of (mostly) Italian films, often called “Sword & Sandal”, usually involving a guy named Hercules (played brilliantly by Steve Reeves). In those dramatic works, the peplum is the short Grecian kilt worn by the hero.

    Even in pages of cinched waste, one learns something new.

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