Picking nits

I have to admit that sometimes I’m a bit nitpicky. And sometimes I’m very nitpicky. Like when I point out a repeated word from Yahoo! Shine:

due 1

That’s not so bad. At it’s not as bad as this, which appears to be complete nonsense:

due 2

Since anniversary are usually annual events, I don’t think readers need to be told that it was the “60 year anniversary” — even if the writer had hyphenated it correctly:

due 3

I’m gonna say this isn’t nitpicky: It isn’t even a close approximation of Anglesey:

due 4

To make matters (and that paragraph) worse, the writer overlooks the beings typo, the missing space (OK, I’m nitpicking) and the missing apostrophe in what should be the possessive couple’s.


What do you think?

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