Readers react

If you think readers don’t notice your mistakes, take a look at the comments on a recent article from Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow.” The article includes such gems as this:

ensuring 1

The “journalist” meant to tap out “the ensuing fame,” but the result is pure nonsense.

Is anyone else as confused as I am about the “speaking fees” and “speaking engagement fees”? Aren’t they the same thing? Is that “word” supposed to be image?

ensuring 2

Apostrophes and single quotation marks are no substitute for double quotes, which is what American English uses for direct quotations:

ensuring 3

And any spell-checker would have found this:

ensuring 4

What did readers say about these (and probably other) mistakes?

  • “Who wrote this #$%$? I have a headache from trying to read it.”
  • “Did he write this article himself? Spelling/ grammar atrocious.”
  • “‘the ensuring fan’, ‘iamge’, ‘claimedno’ …really?”
  • “Usually do not complain about poorly written/edited things, but this was just unreadable.”

2 Responses to “Readers react”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    It’s a good sign that readers are commenting on the abysmal quality of Yahoo!’s writing.

    As for the story, it’s hard to find sympathy for Mr Ramsey (if indeed they spelled that right). Maybe he could sue the women he saved, for “ruining his life”.

    His case might have been made more forcefully if they had not written “less than a dozen landlords”.

    • Laura Says:

      Yes, even Yahoo!’s readers notice the mistakes. And you illustrate how a typo can change a reader’s perception of the truth. Because the writer neglected to put a space between “claimed” and “no” it looks like “less than a dozen landlords,” when it really is “no less than a dozen.”

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