Someone needs a geography lesson

Let us pray that the writer for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” is not the product of an American public school education. I’d hate to think that someone could graduate from a high school and know so little about U.S. geography. And his writing skills aren’t much better.

This guy thinks that Hawaii is the “farthest Western state.” Let’s put aside the awkward wording (why not just say “westernmost”?) and examine the statement. Yup, it’s wrong. Alaska is the westernmost U.S. state.

hi 1

I’m not sure why the writer capitalized pueo owl. Nor do I understand why he thought Maui was “the big island.” It’s not. The island of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian isles:

hi 2

I’m pretty sure this writer doesn’t know that Lanai is an island and thinks it’s a pineapple plantation on Maui:

hi 3

In fact, Lanai is the smallest of the publicly accessible islands and at one time had the world’s largest pineapple plantation.


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