How many times?

How many times can one writer tap out Comic-Con without its hyphen? Every time!

Each time the writer for Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow” goes for Comic-Con, he omits the hyphen:

comic con 1

Sometimes he tries to insert a line break with the HTML tag <br>, but it’s not working:

comic con 2


comic con 3

and agaom”

comic con 4

Another attempt to insert a line break, compounding the error of the missing hyphen:

comic con 5

The last one!

comic con 6

But that’s not the only mistake he’s made. In fact, it’s rather minor compared to his assertion that Mr. DeLeeuw is crammed into what must be the only two-bedroom hotel in the world:

comic con 7

And let’s not forget about homophonic errors:

comic con 8


2 Responses to “How many times?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Somebody call the Guinness Book of Records

    • Laura Says:

      This is bad, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen worse. There is actually one article (documented on TW, of course) with more than 50 errors — though fewer misspellings of the same word.

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