Go take a Flying Jeep

Is there some law against using punctuation in a headline? Is that why the writer for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” omitted the comma after Dubois and the hyphen in off-road?

jeep sports pr 1

Whatever everpresent means to the writer, it means little or nothing to the reader. Maybe he thinks it means “always in existence,” in which case, it certainly doesn’t apply to any automobile. Technically (and grammatically) speaking, who should be used to refer to human beings only and not to some comic strip character with a tail. Wouldn’t it be great if the writer had looked at the picture he included with the article before deciding to call the mascot “Flying Jeeps”?

jeep sports pr 2

Perhaps if the writer knew how to pronounce cache (it’s just like cash), he would have chosen a more appropriate word, like cachet (which is pronounced cashay):

jeep sports pr 3

I think there’s a word missing here, but I have no idea what it is:

jeep sports pr 4

Once in a while a set of errors happens to land in a single paragraph. One of those errors is a subject-verb disagreement and the others involve the spelling of Merrillville:

jeep sports pr 5


2 Responses to “Go take a Flying Jeep”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    The Yahoo! writers are surely the Keystone Cops of journalism. Larry, Curly, and Moe would also feel right at home there.

    Your eyes must have been glazing over – you missed “actually played little role” (4th box; probably more awkward that wrong) and “by pure coincide” (last box)

    • Laura Says:

      Holy moley! How did I miss those? I think I was stunned by the stupidity of the other errors. This writer is one of Yahoo! Sports’ worst. He may even be THE worst, but I don’t hang around Sports much. I think his beat (high school sports) is a low priority for Yahoo!. Still, it’s not like he does any original journalism. He just reads articles online and tries to synthesize them. How hard can that be?

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