How droopy is your jaw?

Why is it so difficult for Yahoo!’s writers to spell Comic-Con with a hyphen? It seems easy enough, doesn’t it? But this headline on Yahoo! Movies proves otherwise:

droopingly 1

The headline promising five “surprises” and the first paragraph promises seven “favorite things.” So, there’s a bit of confusion, although the writer put the hyphen in Comic-Con — this time:

droopingly 2

It was too good to last. Again, the writer dropped a hyphen. Maybe his brain was affected by that drooping jaw:

droopingly 15

Does the writer have any other jaw-droppingly dumb things to share? Of course!

droopingly 3

No article from Yahoo! Movies would be complete without at least one misspelled celeb name. This time we get two: Bryan Cranston and Chris Hardwick. I’m guessin’ that Mr. Cranston, and not Mr. Harwick (or Hardwick), is  starring in an upcoming film. But that’s not what that sentence tells us. (Oh, by the way, that was the fifth and last “surprise” from Comic-Con. Maybe the headline writer can count.)

What do you think?

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