Don’t tell her husband

Including a quotation in your writing? If so, “you probably want to get the punctuation right,” she says (she being me). Don’t copy the goofy characters used by the writer for Yahoo! Shine‘s “Daily Shot”:

nadia 1

Hungry? You might whip up a chicken friend steak, which involves a cowardly pal and sirloin.

Not content to screw up the punctuation in a quote, the writer uses an apostrophe in a creative — and wrong — way:

nadia 2

An apostrophe can be used to indicate a missing letter, like the G in bitchin‘. I have no clue what letter is missing in ‘bitchin.

Don’t tell Ali’s husband, George Stephanopoulos, that she really wants to seduce George Clooney:

nadia 3


2 Responses to “Don’t tell her husband”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Words on a page are abstract symbols to which we assign meaning. Written language is simply a construct.

    So how, I wonder, is Yahoo! able to hurt my brain with it?

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