What’s in a name? Encore

What’s in a name? If it’s on Yahoo!, probably a mistake or two.

Here are just a few of the mangled names that appeared on Yahoo! recently. How many could you spell correctly. Better yet, how many names would you Google — even if you thought you knew how to spell them?

From Yahoo! Shine a sad attempt at Liza Minnelli:

name minelli shine

and Terri Seymour:

name terry seymour shine

and Jon Hamm:

name john hamm

From Yahoo! Screen, a common misspelling of Hilary Swank:

name hillary swank screen

From the experts in all things music at Yahoo! Music, we get the misspelled Reba McEntire:

name reba mcintire music

Yahoo! News folks should know how to spell the name of a first lady. It’s Jacqueline Kennedy:

name jacquelyn kennedy news


4 Responses to “What’s in a name? Encore”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    I assume from the context (not really being a devoted reader) that Yahoo! Shine covers the entertainment industry. If that’s the case, there’s absolutely no excuse for their getting any name wrong. Not even Zygyszmundt Czslugszlogszki.)

    • Laura Says:

      Shine is devoted to women. In its infinite wisdom, Yahoo believes that women are more interested in the entertainment industry than working in industry. But you’re right; there’s no excuse for misspelling a name. Unless it’s “we don’t care.”

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    PS: (last box): “with her daughter on the yacht”? Where was Jacqueline ?

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