A pour excuse

The poor soul who wrote this for Yahoo! Shine should be required to pore over a dictionary, making note of the difference between pour and pore, a minute opening in the skin that sweat pours out of:

pours shine

Then she should be required to study the difference between a noun (like bath) and a verb (like, oh, say, maybe bathe).


2 Responses to “A pour excuse”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    English is so confusing. You pour the soda, but it’s bad for your pores. Poor thing. High-end cosmetics are sometimes labeled “pour le corps”, but I don’t think they’re thinking about Marines.

    People should just stay with milk baths. It’s been working ever since Cleopatra.

    PS: Another tricky one: “breath”/”breathe”. I see the wrong one every now and again.

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