Please stay in school

There is absolutely no explanation for this from Yahoo! Answers:

per say answers

What can I say? Maybe this is what happens when you let second-graders write. Those kids are still learning about sentences. And spelling (per se, anyone?). And punctuation. The person responsible for this should just stay in school, try to complete elementary school and maybe with luck go on to earn a high school diploma. A class in English as a Second Language would probably help.


5 Responses to “Please stay in school”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Much is explained here. Yahoo! [various] are indeed vortexes (voritices?) of evil. Evil spelling and grammar.

    A long time ago (very long) I came across a set of :rules for writing. Thanks to the bottomless store of data on the Web (and that I remembered one), I found it Out There

    Take the link “Write right”. Preview:

    “Check to see if you any words out.”
    “Be sure to use apostrophe’s correctly.”
    “About incomplete sentences.”

  2. ericjbaker Says:

    I’m running out of ways to feel pain.

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