How many does it take?

How many mistakes on a single page of Yahoo! Shine does it take before you close your browser and decide to read something that’s better written — like a high school newspaper?

Is one wayward hyphen enough to make you want to shoot out the screen of your laptop?

racially-charged shine

(We all know that there’s no hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word it modifies.)

Or do you need two goofs? Anywhere else, the missing comma would probably go unnoticed; in a headline, it’s hard to miss what’s missing:

no comma shine

Maybe this isn’t the third gaffe on the page, but then again, maybe it is. I am tragically unhip, so perhaps one of Terribly Write’s readers can tell me if this is what young’uns are substituting for the word amazing:

amaze shine

That’s it for me! Three strikes and I’m outta here!


2 Responses to “How many does it take?”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    I think you’re being overly-sensitive to all the clearly-unnecessary hyphens that frequently-appear in Yahoo stories.

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