3 signs you’re in the wrong job

If you’re an editor for Yahoo! Shine, you may be in the wrong job. Here are just three signs from the Shine home page that should have you considering a career change.

The first sign that perhaps you’re not cut out for writing or editing is your inability to match a verb with its subject:

need shine hp


Another sign that should have you questioning your role: You think this is how to show the decade known as the ’80s:

80s shine hp


And the third sign you’re in the wrong job? You can’t tell the difference between a possessive pronoun (like your, meaning “belonging to you”) and a contraction (like you’re, meaning “you are”):

your shine hp

4 Responses to “3 signs you’re in the wrong job”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    That first one’s an unhappily worded sentence: “… women’s lives that need to die now”. (But that’s probably why they got the verb wrong.

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    I can recommend a good tutorial, one I remember from my youth. It starts, “See Dick run.”

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