Time for a postmortem

One way the folks at Yahoo! TV can improve the quality of writing on the site is to hold a postmortem review. After an article is published, the writers and editors would review it for things like misspellings:

post mortem tv

And review it for minor slips like using that (instead of who) to refer to a person. (I’m sure Yahoo!’s staffers know that it’s impolite to refer to a human being with that.) And minor gaffes like putting an apostrophe in Emmys:

that tv

And review it for typos:

is a star is a star tv

And check for grammatical errors, like the use of the indicative mood (like the verb was) when the subjunctive mood (were) is required:

tv was still alive

Maybe if they did a postmortem misspelled words wouldn’t show up twice in the same day, on the same page:

post mortem tv 2


2 Responses to “Time for a postmortem”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Is it appropriate to use “postmortem” when talking about people who died? Do Yahoo! writers even know what that word means? Do they know the pitfalls of writing in clichés?

    We know the answer to all these questions.

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