A lot of little typos add up

A lot of little mistakes can add up to one big credibility problem for a website. If you saw these gaffes on yahoo.com, would you trust the site?

This is a minor mistake: His last name is Gordon-Levitt — with a hyphen.

fp gordon levitt

If the teasers indicate that perhaps the writer isn’t all that familiar with the English language, would you rely on that site. On yahoo.com, the writer seems to unaware that the common idiom is “carved out“:

fp carved

If you saw a blatant typo that would be caught by a second-grader, would you think the site was dependable?

fp ncrash

I guess if you’re going to make a typo in Sean Penn’s name, this is better than calling him Sean Pean:

fp senn penn

Little errors may not be distracting — until they become multiple little errors.


2 Responses to “A lot of little typos add up”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Perhaps all those little errors are the only thing that keep people reading: looking for them.

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