Keep the kiddies away from the keyboard

Yahoo! omg! is a celebrity gossip site that seems to be aimed at teens — or maybe tweens. That demographic might provide a hint into the editorial philosophy behind the writing on the site: Let the kids write for the kids.

Certainly experienced writers and editors would be better at proofreading than the gang at omg!:

with to omg

I think the kiddies are so starstruck just writing about Justin Timberlake, that they can’t focus on their spelling:

star struck omg

Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to inflame the starstruckness even more. Although the teen typist remembered to include the hyphen in Mr. Gordon-Levitt’s last name, he or she became completely noodle-headed when it came to pounding the name of his movie. It’s “Don Jon”:

don john omg

Maybe I’m wrong about the omg! staffers. Maybe they’re adults with high school diplomas. Come to think of it, I’ve seen better writing in a high school newspaper…


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