Looking for an explanation

Can anyone help me decipher these headlines/photo captions on Yahoo! Shine? I know I’m tragically unhip and pop-culture challenged, so maybe it’s me. But I just can’t figure out if there’s a word missing here (“Kanye West Loves Flirting/Cooking/Jousting with French Paparazzi”?) or if there’s an extra word (like, maybe, with):

loves with shine

I’m pretty sure the typo is supposed to be Teaser, but I don’t know why it wasn’t corrected before this went public:

teaaser shine

And what’s with the straight quotation marks and the curly quotes? Are those “air quotes” around Memorable to indicate that the wedding really is not memorable?

I know who Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy are. I just don’t know what this has to do with them:

and how shine

I hate it when something I’ve read makes me feel ignorant, nerdy, and confused. I need your help! (And if you can edit or proofread, Yahoo! needs your help, too.)


What do you think?

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