You don’t have to be a chemist

Yup, you read that right: inbalance. There it is — the non-word — for what should be imbalance:

inbalance 1

But that headline isn’t the only thing wrong with this article from Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally.” The writer has a little trouble spelling Berkeley. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something he could look at to see how it’s spelled, like a picture?

inbalance 2

That photo caption also includes the allegation that water polo players had bleached scalps. They didn’t; they had bleached hair, which is close to the scalp but different.

Proving that he’s not stupid, just perhaps lazy, the writer manages to spell Berkeley correctly once. (Can you find it?) But he also manages to misspell Berkeleyside:

inbalance 3

I don’t remember a lot about high school chemistry (it was my worst subject in school), but I do know that it wasn’t the “pH balance” that tested 10 times the healthy limit, but the pH level. And that pH isn’t measured in a percentage rate. Those claims just make no sense and are contradicted by news stories. Also contradicted by the real press is the allegation that the pool has twice been closed before. It hasn’t; this is the second closing of the pool.

So, why would anyone read anything written by this “journalist”? You don’t need to be a chemist to know that he’s in way over his head.


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