None too pleasing

Anyone reading this article on Yahoo! Shine will be none too pleased with the quality of writing:

vers 1

Some readers will notice a misspelled Nadja Auermann:

vers 2

Others will be grateful for the information that Gianni worked with his sister before his death, because after his death he just wasn’t pulling his weight:

vers 3

Even the most careless of readers will stumble on this repetition repetition:

vers 4

Lovers of “Saturday Night Live” will be appalled that Horatio Sanz’s name is a bit screwed up:

vers 5

Anyone who can read the poster behind Nicki Minaj knows more than this writer; they know she’s wearing Versace for H & M:

vers 6

It’s impossible to explain how the writer came up with this riff on “Sex and the City” — and why she thinks a hyphen is an acceptable substitute for a real dash:

vers 7

Maybe the writer was feeling a bit edgy when she tried to pound out “The Edge of Glory”:

vers 8

I don’t imagine there are too many people who would take their eyes off Ms. Bundchen long enough to read about her blunging back:

vers 9


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