No monopoly on mistakes

One of the most frequently misspelled words in English is accommodation. It’s often spelled with only one M. But I was shocked to see it mangled like this on Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow”:

accamadations 1

The writer doesn’t make the situation better by claiming that visitors to national parks had “48 hours to leave or make accamadations [sic] elsewhere.” Does that mean that if they moved to a hotel outside the park they had more that 48 hours to leave? The editor in me would have just deleted “or make accamadations elsewhere” since it’s not true that all visitors had to find accommodations elsewhere.

The writer doesn’t have a monopoly on errors; all writers make mistakes. But most professional writers have the sense to use a spell-checker and take care to spell names (like Leo Gaertner) correctly:

accamadations 2

It’s the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce, and some businesses got a shortterm (with a hyphen) sales boost:

accamadations 3

Did Mr. Anderson attempt to contact his congressman over the phone and mail? No, He tried over the phone and by mail:

accamadations 4


What do you think?

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