Quite a feat!

It was an unusually high turnout for a vote in Newtown, Connecticut. With 88 percent of residents supporting a new school, it means that even the kiddies showed up at the polls. Normally, getting 88 percent of voters would be quite a feat. But according to yahoo.com, it was residents, and not voters, who voted heavily in favor of the school:

fp residents

While the folks at Yahoo! are trying to figure out the difference between a resident and a voter, the rest of us are puzzling over this tidbit of news:

fp beings

Are “the high court beings” the Supreme Court judges? Could be since the Supreme Court begins its new term this month.

Perhaps the writers could tackle this teaser head-on, and put a hyphen in the adverb:

fp head on

Wouldn’t it be great if Yahoo! hired competent editors? That would point to a quiet policy shift in quality of its content:

fp point a

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