Quite a feat!

It was an unusually high turnout for a vote in Newtown, Connecticut. With 88 percent of residents supporting a new school, it means that even the kiddies showed up at the polls. Normally, getting 88 percent of voters would be quite a feat. But according to yahoo.com, it was residents, and not voters, who voted heavily in favor of the school:

fp residents

While the folks at Yahoo! are trying to figure out the difference between a resident and a voter, the rest of us are puzzling over this tidbit of news:

fp beings

Are “the high court beings” the Supreme Court judges? Could be since the Supreme Court begins its new term this month.

Perhaps the writers could tackle this teaser headon, and put a hyphen in the adverb:

fp head on

Wouldn’t it be great if Yahoo! hired competent editors? That would point to a quiet policy shift in quality of its content:

fp point a


What do you think?

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