Does this make your tongue water?

Have you ever read a description of a food item that had your tongue watering? Me neither. It just sounds so messy and drooly. But tongue watering is a real thing, according to the writer for Yahoo! Shine:

ff 1

I’d just be happy with some mouthwatering food. Like Kream Balls. Or Kreme Balls. One of these is bound to be the correct spelling:

ff 2

No, wait! This is Yahoo! Shine! They could both be incorrect! Maybe they’re really Creme Balls. Or Kreem Balls. Or Creem Balls!

Ah, a little inconsistency isn’t a bad thing. At least all the words seem to be in the sentence, unlike this next photo caption. Let’s hope that there’s a missing word for a limited time only:

ff 3

In this photo caption, I spotted the misspelled Philippines right away, but I didn’t know Crushers was a misspelling …

ff 4

until I looked at the picture:

ff 5

I wonder why the writer didn’t bother to check out the picture.

Perhaps she was too busy imbibing an alcoholic beverage, like a draft beer. That may be why she wrote this:

ff 6

You don’t have to be a beer lover to know that Heineken isn’t an American draft beer; it’s Dutch. And now I’m thirsty. And hungry. Think I’ll head to the fridge in search of some tongue watering delicacies.


2 Responses to “Does this make your tongue water?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    “shilling an American draft”: I don’t think “shilling” is the right word. “Selling” would work. But a “shill” is a con-man’s accomplice, whose job it is to make the mark want the stuff. In that context, the shill wold tell people that Heineken is ever so much better than Sapporo.

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