How do you get a job like that?

Imagine having a job where you can make mistakes in front of millions of people and you still collect a paycheck. If you’re a writer looking for a gig where spelling, grammar, and common sense are not required, you could work for Yahoo! Shine.

Really, could you be any worse than the writer who came up with this bit of hooey?

kard 1

I don’t know what a couple could do “under” a 22-year marriage. They certainly couldn’t sign a prenuptial agreement under a marriage or even during a marriage. A prenup has to be signed before a marriage because that’s what prenuptial means. But you knew that. Maybe you’re overqualified for Shine.

You probably also know that you don’t form the plural of Jenner with an apostrophe, even if it’s followed by an S. And you likely know that there’s no abbreviation a.ka. because that would make NO sense. When you want to abbreviate “also known as” you use aka or AKA or a.k.a. You don’t make up the spelling of celebrity names; you look them up in that new and whacky online resource known as the Web. So, you’d know how to spell Robin Givens. And you wouldn’t bother with the redundant use of a dollar sign and the word dollars:

kard 2

You know that people are wealthy and agreements are not. Agreements are lucrative:

kard 3

You wouldn’t make up a name like “the K-Dash line”; you’d go to the QVC site to see that it’s K-DASH by Kardashian. And you’d be aware that the preferred spelling in the U.S. is jewelry:

kard 4

And since you’re sensitive to the placement of punctuation, you’d put the apostrophe after daughters (because you’re also sensitive to the fact that Ms. Jenner has more than one daughter). You also like to match a verb (like, say, maybe factors) to its subject (oh, maybe self-promotion):

kard 5

If you pay attention to your spell-checker when it indicates that becaue isn’t a word, you may just be overqualified for Yahoo!:

kard 6


2 Responses to “How do you get a job like that?”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    They should have left that article to Yaho! Legal. If errors were anchors they’d be down in the deep.

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