Problems big and small

Some mistakes writers make are relatively minor. Putting a hyphen between an adverb ending in -LY and the word it modifies isn’t the worst error a writer can commit. If the writer for Yahoo! Sports‘ “Prep Rally” just stuck that hyphen in cover up to make it an actual noun (cover-up) this headline would be OK:

cover up 1

But after that, the problems get significant. The writer screws up the call letters of WTSP (which isn’t that bad, is it?). What is bad? In an article about allegations against a football coach, the writer confuses the suspect (Rod Frazier) with the school superintendent (Rick Mills), alleging it was Mr. Mills who committed the sexual assaults:

cover up 2

How does a writer make a mistake like that?


2 Responses to “Problems big and small”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    It’s like the old Biblical saying: “Of making errors there is no end”.

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