Ted Cruz, lies and decent Cubans

If you’re looking for some little-known facts about Ted Cruz, don’t go lookin’ in Yahoo! News. It’s just published some factoids — unverified or inaccurate information — about the Republican senator:

factoid news 1

The article offers this “factoid” about Cruz: He is a decent Cuban. At least I think that’s what the writer meant:

factoid news 2

And here I thought he was of Cuban descent. Oh, silly me. I must pay more attention to factoids.


2 Responses to “Ted Cruz, lies and decent Cubans”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    And here I thought “Cruz” was a Canadian name.

    Just how does one get “technically born” somewhere? Could it be something like “virtually born in Canada”?

    And what does the writer mean by “far less know…”? (Maybe he’s thinking of the Yahoo! readers, many of whom seem immune to errors.

    • Laura Says:

      Maybe Sen. Cruz was born by some technical methods and not by the usual means. I should have caught the “far less” mention — which should be “far fewer.”

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