My real name is Popcorn, but you can call me Marvin

Where was the writer’s mind when he wrote this for Yahoo! News‘ “The Sideshow”?

jack daniels 1

Bottles, not labels, have shoulders. But that’s not the worst of that sentence. The writer provided a handy-dandy photo of the labels so you can see “black on white color schemes” for yourself:

jack daniels 3

That looks like a white-on-black color scheme, but maybe it’s just me.

Anyhoo, it seems that someone named Popcorn Sutton (who’s known by the nickname Marvin), was a moonshiner. At least that’s what it says in this excerpt from the article:

jack daniels 2

Isn’t that weird? I would have thought that his real name as Marvin and his nickname was Popcorn. But nooooo. Those quotation marks indicate his nickname. I’m guessin’ that Popcorn Sutton sold his brew in Mason jars (or at least that’s what the rest of the world calls them).


3 Responses to “My real name is Popcorn, but you can call me Marvin”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Lawsuit time. Mr Sutton’s labels use letters, which could make people confuse his brand with Mr Daniel’s magic elixir. And he uses curly lines! ! ! How are people supposed to know which is the brew that is true?

    [2 points for anyone identifying that last Cultural Reference.]

    “White Whiskey” is a great name, referring back to “white lightning”.

    Here’s a nice obituary (2009):

    “Popcorn” could be from “Pop Corn” – corn being the raw material (but the WSJ story has another take).

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