Do you know where the punctuation goes?

… and where the punctuation went? There seems to be a few things wrong here on the Yahoo! front page. Can you spot them?

fp do you watch

First, there are two single quotation marks (looking a lot like apostrophes), the location of which makes no sense. Then there’s that question mark placed to indicate that the question is: The Hunger Games? Does that sound like a question to you? So, there’s that. And there’s only one double quotation mark. Those things always come in pairs, don’t they? So where’s the other one?


2 Responses to “Do you know where the punctuation goes?”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    In a trivia book, I read of a man some years back who self-published a book with all the punctuation – all of it – put in the last few pages. According to the description, he said “… so they can peper and solt them as they will. He wasn’t much at spelling, either.”

    Then there’s Mark Twain’s lament about a book in German he was reading, The last few pages were torn out, and he never did find out what happened, because that’s where all the German verbs are.

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