Dear Yahoo! Shine writer,

Please don’t take this personally (although it is personal), but I think you’re a little hyphen-happy. You wrote a five-word caption and guess what! You gave 40 percent of the words a hyphen. And guess what! Zero percent of the words should have a hyphen!

jay-z over-simplify

I would have thought you would know, what with being in the journalism business and all, that Jay Z removed the hyphen from his name back in July. I read about it, though not on Shine. And you know what else is as funny as hyphenating Jay Z? Hyphenating oversimplify! It doesn’t have a hyphen. Nope, doesn’t have one, doesn’t need one.

Thanks for your time. That is all.

Terribly Write


One Response to “Hyphen-happy”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Hyphen Happy. Isn’t that a song by Bobby Womack? Wait. That’s “Harry Hippie.”

    Never mind.

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