Some ‘Big’ mistakes

“Big” is one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, so I was looking forward to reading this article on Yahoo! Movies about the making of the film. Oh, dopey me. I should have known that typos, misspellings, and missing words would spoil the whole experience for me.

I think the writer was a tad confused about the use of the Shift key. Except if you’re writing about e. e. cummings and, using it is generally required when trying to spell a name:

big movies 1

Doesn’t everyone know that toy store is FAO Schwarz?

big movies 2

The writer managed to spell Ms. Marshall’s name earlier in this sentence, so why couldn’t he do it again?

big movies 3

David Moscow wasn’t playing opposite all the rules or laws in the movie “Big.” He was playing opposite all the lead actors, who are sometimes called the principals:

big movies 4

Here’s something you don’t see often (thank goodness):

big movies 5

In the U.S., the word is toward (without the S); towards is chiefly British as they say in chiefly British dictionaries. But no matter which flavor of English you speak, “a long towards” makes no sense.


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