It doesn’t mean ‘a whole bunch’

According to the Einsteins who write for, only a score of entertainers who died this year left an indelible mark on our lives:

fp a score

The article lists 43 people in the entertainment industry who passed over. I wonder who the 20 entertainers are.

Is it possible that the writer thinks that score means “a whole bunch”? It’s not just possible, it is probable. That just makes me wonder what the writer thought Abraham Lincoln meant in the Gettysburg Address when it wrote “four score and seven years ago.”


3 Responses to “It doesn’t mean ‘a whole bunch’”

  1. bob roberts Says:

    “The article lists 43 people in the entertainment industry who WERE passed over.”

    i see other typos in your posts but i won’t gloat about how superior i am, or how much of an idiot you are. i’ll leave that angle to you.

    • Laura Says:

      Actually, bob roberts, the article doesn’t list “43 people in the entertainment industry who WERE passed over.” It lists 43 people who died; “passed over” is a euphemism (look the word up in a dictionary) for “died.”

      If you see typos in my posts, please let me know. Unlike the writers at Yahoo, I don’t have access to a staff of writing colleagues, proofreaders, or editors. I appreciate any corrections my readers suggest, but reserve the right to reject those when the writer clearly has no idea what he is talking about.

  2. Old Man Says:

    Wow, good ol’ bob is back. I thought he had promised to leave. First, he misuses the term “schadenfreude,” proving he can’t even pretend to be intelligent. Next, he seems unable to use the shift key in any reasonable fashion, an affectation he seems to share with several other losers. Then, he says “goodbye” and comes back. Congratulations, bob. In two brief comments you have shown yourself to be not only stupid, but dishonest and affected beyond all belief. Keep it up. Every comment you make brightens the reputation of those you aren’t worthy to criticize. Do something honest for once in your life and make your “goodbye” permanent.

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