It’s just for women

Yahoo! Shine is a site that is aimed at women. Its features often come from “women’s” magazines and focus on subjects that women are most interested in (or at least topics that Yahoo! thinks they’re interested in) like fashion, beauty, and relationships.

But if you look at headlines from the site, you may get an idea of what Yahoo! really thinks about its female readers. Like, women don’t care about spelling, and will overlook a sad attempt at roommates:

roomates shine

And women don’t care about typos and won’t notice your instead of you:

your should shine

And women don’t care about grammar and punctuation, even if New Year’s Eve is missing its apostrophe:

new years eve shine

What does all this say about Yahoo!’s respect (or lack of respect) for its readers?


2 Responses to “It’s just for women”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Fashion Trends??? IS the Twiggy look coming back? Maybe it’s the Goth Twiggy.

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