Farewell to 2013 and beyond

In an article described on Yahoo! Shine as “memorable and inspiring quotes to take you into 2014,” the writer created a few memorable (but not so inspiring) quotes of her own.

The fun starts with an insulting remark to readers who have too much good sense and taste to follow the reproductive habits of reality TV stars:

quotes 1

It’s made even worse by her lowercase treatment of Luddite. Apparently the writer is too much of a Luddite to look the word up in an online dictionary.

This should be a moving tribute to Malala Yousafzai, but it turns to rubbish with the misspelling of her name and the claim she was shot on her way to school last October. She was not. She was shot on her way home from school in October 2012:

quotes 2

This might have been a decent comment if the writer knew the difference between decent and descent:

quotes 3

Why the writer would decide to capitalize Today as if it were an acronym is beyond my ken. So is “fatty comfot food.” I think that’s supposed to be “fattening comfort food”:

quotes 4

The writer must have felt there was a dearth of quotable quotes in 2013, so she’s reached back to 2012 for a tidbit from Taylor Swift. It was last year that Ms. Swift came out with “Red” and the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” but I quibble:

quotes 5


What do you think?

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