Where did the year go?

It seems like less than a week ago that we celebrated the arrival of 2014, and yet it’s been over a year since that day. At least according to the writer from Yahoo! Movies who is either very prescient or very addled:

2015 1

I’m voting for the whole “addled” thing. That would explain why the writer thinks that last weekend was the “first weekend of the rest of our lives.” It makes no sense. What was the weekend before that? The weekend before the first weekend of the rest of our lives?

At least this sentence makes sense, misspelling notwithstanding:

2015 2

Of course, a widow is single, but thanks for the info:

2015 3

Finally, the writer shows that if he’s not addled, he’s at least confused by English. Vic Tayback played Mel. The diner is Mel’s namesake; the role is not the diner’s namesake. (A namesake is “one that is named after another.”)


7 Responses to “Where did the year go?”

  1. Purnimodo Says:

    Two days into 2015? Wow! hihi 🙂

  2. ericjbaker Says:

    The first weekend of the rest of our lives?


  3. Robert Says:

    Can you believe Les Miserables was released 5 years ago?! Neither can I – feels like just over a year ago. But Yahoo! says we’re in 2015 and that Les Miserables came out in 2010, and those are easy facts that no professional writer could get wrong, right?

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