Did I mention October 2010?

Yahoo! Celebrity used to be called omg!, but now we know that it’s a site about celebrities, not about exclamations by tweens. So, you gotta expect you’ll get expert info about celebrities.

Except that you won’t. The writers still can’t spell celeb names:

cates 1

The couple’s friend is actually Challen Cates.

They also seem to be suffering from Alzheimer’s. They can’t remember that they already told us about October 2010. And they’re not too swift when it comes to basic arithmetic; July 2012 isn’t two years after October 2010:

cates 2

And did I mention October 2010?


2 Responses to “Did I mention October 2010?”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Evidently arithmetic, as well as writing, is not their strong point.

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