Capital gains

Some people don’t know when to use the Shift key. Sure, they know to hit it when starting a sentence, but other times, they’re unsure of what words to capitalize. So they guess. And if those folks work on the Yahoo! front page, they probably guess wrong.

When referring to the legislative body in Washington, it’s the House:

fp house cap

When they’re not knocking down the House to a common noun, they’re seeing that common nouns get some capital gains.

The cochlear implant is great! But it’s not a proper noun:

fp cochlear cap

If you’re referring to Pope Francis, his title gets a big, fat P. But when pope doesn’t precede his name, it doesn’t:

fp pope cap 2


3 Responses to “Capital gains”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    I thought those hearing things were developed by Dr. Alphonse P. Cochlea.

    About that Pope: as there’s only one, it automatically becomes a proper noun.

    Sorta like the House. (Rather than the “House of Representatives”.)

    • Laura Says:

      Actually, the Catholic Church is not the only church with a pope. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and the Chalcedonian Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria also have a pope. According to the Associated Press style, which most legitimate news media follow, it’s not capitalized when it stands alone.

  2. Old Man Says:

    Don’t forget the Pope of Greenwich Village, you two.

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