Illiterate in 2 languages

If you’re a “senior fashion and beauty editor,” shouldn’t you know something about fashion and editing? Nah. Not if you work for Yahoo! Shine. You can be illiterate in both English and French and ignorant of fashionable words like haute couture:

fanny pack 1

In lieu of real English (and French expressions), you can make up your own mashup:

fanny pack 2

and even include an extra word here and there:

fanny pack 3

You can even add unnecessary (and totally wrong) punctuation and make a completely irrelevant reference to Camoflauge:

fanny pack 4

To those poor tragically unhip readers like me (who had to refer to Wikipedia), this is Camoflauge, also known as Jason Johnson:


That may not be what the writer meant. She probably meant camouflage. Her lack of basic literacy may be responsible for that mistake and this one:

fanny pack 5


2 Responses to “Illiterate in 2 languages”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    I’ll bet she thought “Houte Couture” is a place.

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