Ridged writing standards

Anyone who’s ever read the articles on Yahoo! Shine (or the posts on Terribly Write) knows that Shine doesn’t exactly have high standards for writing. Grammatical gaffes, monstrous misspellings, terrible typos, and fabulous falsehoods abound.

So, why was I surprised to read this on Shine?

midriff 1

The staffer was writing about singer Gwen Stefani, who apparently (at least according to the writer) was declared to have the “most inspirational mid-riff.” I’ve never heard Ms. Stefani’s riffs, but I’m sure they are outstanding and that the middle of her riffs are equally awesome. So what does that relate to her body image? Unless you’re writing about midriffs, it doesn’t.

I think I’ve solved that question; it’s just the result of poor, careless, and indifferent spelling. But what the heck are “ridged beauty standards” mentioned in the next paragraph?

midriff 2

Could it be that the writer thinks that ridged is pronounced ridge-ed? And the word she meant is rigid? If so, writing standards at Shine are even lower than I thought.


2 Responses to “Ridged writing standards”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    I’m not even warmed up until I reach mid-riff. Then again, I’m pretty ridged when it comes to judging my own guitar playing.

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