Don’t rely on a spell-checker

Spell-checkers are great, but they’re no substitute for a reading by a competent proofreader or editor. Just ask the folks at Yahoo! TV, where this typo would have been OK’ed by any spell-checker:

any for and tv

And so would this on Yahoo! Sports:

whole for while sports

And this from Yahoo! Shopping:

plush of a button shopping

Remember, proofread everything and use a spell-checker. It’s available at the plush of a button!


4 Responses to “Don’t rely on a spell-checker”

  1. ZZMIke Says:

    “… the duo slayed the hosting gig …” The idiom is, one can slay the audience, not the gig. “Slaying the gig” is sometimes referred to as “laying an egg”.

    “plush of a button”: some push buttons were quite ornate. Faberege made a few for the Russian Tsars. But I don’t think the quadcopter has plush push buttons

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