And then I stopped reading

I should trust my judgement more often. Like the time I read this headline on Yahoo! News:

forest 1

My initial reaction was to stop reading right there. Why would I want to read an article by a writer who doesn’t bother to find out how to spell Forrest Gump and who thinks Mr. Gump walked across America? (He didn’t; he ran.)

But, oh dopey me, I continued on, reading the first paragraph. That’s when I stopped reading.

forest 2

I couldn’t figure out how someone could walk across the U.S. more than seven times in less than a year. But I was really scratching my head (and dusting dandruff off my keyboard) when I read that “the miles and stories he has accumulated are unfathomable yet have all actually happened.” I didn’t see anything unfathomable about the miles he amassed. But what the heck does “miles… all actually happened” mean? I think it means this writer was interested in meeting some minimum word count and has no interest in logic, reason, or sense.


4 Responses to “And then I stopped reading”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    See, I’m intrigued by the idea of a forest uprooting itself and walking across the country. I’m sure that has never happened before, yet no one else is reporting it. Nice scoop, Yahoo!

  2. Book Club Mom Says:

    I know I keep “liking” all these posts but these mistakes are so “terribly” bad. I’m glad there is someone who agrees with me!

    • Laura Says:

      It’s unfathomable to me that Yahoo! would continue to publish such terrible articles and terrible headlines and that it actually pays people to write them.

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