The effect affects people differently

Yup, it sure does. Seeing an incorrect word like effects affects people differently. When it’s accompanied by a misspelled name, I just shrug my shoulders. After all, this is Yahoo! Shine and I’ve come to expect mistakes like that:

regiment shine 1

It’s no surprise to me that the writer still can’t remember how to spell Dr. LaRocca’s name or that well-being needs a hyphen. What is shocking is people with multiple sclerosis are exercising entire battalions. I think that an exercise regimen would be sufficient:

regiment shine 2


2 Responses to “The effect affects people differently”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    The story must have been phoned in (like in the Old Days), and the writer just wrote what he heard.

    • Laura Says:

      That could explain the “effects” instead of “affects,” but we can’t overlook the possibility that the writer is grammatically and spelling impaired with a wobbly vocabulary.

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