What else could go wrong?

You’d think from reading this headline/caption on Yahoo! Shine that you could “steal” a gown today, March 20, 2014, and that gown would be the one that Kristen Bell wore on the red carpet:

lauren frankfort

Of course, stealing is wrong and I believe the writer was speaking figuratively. But I just couldn’t understand the rest of that sentence. Who was Lauren Frankfort? Was she the designer of the soon-to-be purloined gown? Being a lover of wedding gowns, I had to get some answers. So, I bravely clicked the caption.

The truth is, that is not a picture of Kristen Bell’s “wedding-worthy gown.” And said gown is not going to be available today, March 20. That’s the date the article was published on Shine. And Lauren Frankfort? Not the designer, but the writer of the article. Is there anything with any truthiness in that caption and picture? Yes. Kristen Bell’s name is spelled correctly.


2 Responses to “What else could go wrong?”

  1. Book Club Mom Says:

    Haha! Thanks for clearing that up – usually you can at least tell what the story’s about, but this one was crazy!

    • Laura Says:

      It had me puzzled, too! Apparently Lauren Frankfort (or someone else) put the date and her name in the text-entry box that is meant for just the headline. That’s my guess.

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