Thank you, Captain Obvious

Here’s some startling news on Yahoo! Sports: If only one of two teams will “stay alive,” the other team will not stay alive:

wont be so fortunate sports

Thanks for that info! I’ll try to remember that.

4 Responses to “Thank you, Captain Obvious”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Could they be getting paid by the word?

  2. Lisa B. Says:

    If you had read the story you’d know those two teams weren’t playing each other.

    Is there a reason you’re so incredibly nasty? You seem like a miserable human being.

    • Laura Says:

      Lisa, a reader should not have to read an article to understand a headline. The headline should stand by itself. And this headline is absolute nonsense if, as you allege, the two teams weren’t playing each other. That makes it even worse. And where did I say something nasty?

      I suggest you continue to read Terribly Write, you might just learn something and it might improve your own writing or the writing of other Yahoo employees.

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